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What is art therapy?



The best thing about art therapy? You don't have to be great at art!! Art therapy involves expressing thoughts and feelings through drawing, painting, writing, storytelling, etc. Generally, I give a prompt and the client is free to take any direction they want with the prompt, whether it's drawing a picture, writing what an experience was like, creating their own story, or painting an abstract depiction of a feeling.


Art therapy helps clients who feel stuck explaining an experience and need a different way to share what this experience was like. And it's not just for kids! You might think - this is dumb! Or - I can't do this! But given the freedom to create your own art in a safe environment without judgment, allows you to portray a new picture of what your world or experience is like to you.


I am not a member of the American Art Therapy Association, but their blog has more information on art therapy if you are interested.



What is sandtray therapy?


Sandtray therapy utilizes a small sandbox and a variety of miniature objects that can be placed in the sand. Like art therapy, sandtray therapy helps clients share experiences in a unique way where they can use objects and symbols to dive more deeply in an experience and process it further. I either allow you to create your own "world" in the sandbox without any direction from me, or I will give a general prompt which you will be free to take in any direction you wish. Again, you might think this is childish or you can't do this, but your "world" is YOURS to create in any way that you wish and I do not judge or criticize anyone's creation.


Want more information on sandtray therapy?


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